Ptolus: Depths and Dissolution is a D&D 5E campaign set in Monte Cook’s Magnum Opus setting, the city of Ptolus.

This is a beginner campaign, taking newbie players from level 1 to how ever long the campaign lasts. It will work on a per-episode and per-arc basis and develop with the player characters.

“It is not in the depths we fear that we find what we seek but when we emerge from them. The depths of the world are where we find our own reflection, twisted by fear. It is in conquering that fear, or allowing that fear to conquer us that we find truth” Aleavus of Tarsis – Imperial Metaphysics

“… whether that truth be madness or illumination, is a topic for a different treatise.” – part of the complete quote redacted under the authority of 5th lord Conciliator Balatavar

Ptolus: Depths and Dissolution

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